Sharp design - reinvented

06 May 2019
Sharp design reinvented 1

You may have noticed new look SAM Spreaders delivered lately. They have the same easy to use, hardworking ethos all SAMs are known for, coupled with some sharp new features.

A range of stainless introductions add longevity. There are new stainless spinner tubes, deflectors, stainless gear boxes and stainless backdoor slides.

The side panel is now one singular streamlined piece. With the SAM cog icon laser-cut through to the yellow bin. This means a strong brace for the hopper and SAM branding is there to stay, even with the heavy duty cleaning some customers throw at them.

Functional, sleek and tidy changes have been introduced. The way the Hydraulic hoses are now set up is different, running the length of the bin. This is to increase longevity of hose gear and reduces build up on surfaces for less cleaning. Bin struts - are more streamlined too.

The rate chart has a new layout with the introduction of clear pointer indicators for greater assurity.

Mudguards are still a popular standard feature. To find out more chat to your local farm machinery dealer. Or call SAM directly on +64 7 847 8492.