e Spreader

e-Spreader - e for easy!

November 2021

The latest innovation from SAM Machinery is the SAM e-Spreader with the 'e' for easy!

Any SAM...
In the vines

Review: SAM Orchard Spreader

July 2021

The latest release from Sam Machinery is a purpose-designed and built orchard spreader, offering users...
Spreader Trailer copy 2

Shout out to SAM - 75 Yrs!

December 2020

Farm Trader is giving a shout out to New Zealand family business Coombridge & Alexander...

Made in NZ...SAM Machinery

October 2020

Made in New Zealand is a feature that looks at the wealth of design and...
SAM Orchard Spreader side view copy

Meet the NEW SAM Orchard Spreader

July 2020

The latest addition to the SAM Machinery family is as simple, reliable and easy to...
Computer control main news

SAM Computer Control

June 2020

Last year Coombridge & Alexander introduced its new SAM computer-controlled spreader. It features Topcon technology,...
Leadership team

Kiwi favourite marks 75 years in business

June 2020

Hamilton-based manufacturer Coombridge & Alexander celebrates its 75th year in business in 2020.

Its full range...
Isobus header

20 Topcon tips - smart, accurate control.

April 2020

Why Topcon? In 2019 SAM Machinery introduced its new range of SAM computer-controlled spreaders. They feature...
FeedWagon yellow background Blog

More stainless. Less worries.

August 2019

What is so good about a SAM Wagon...

Reliable, Reliable, Reliable. SAMs are built tough for lasting...

Accuracy and testing for SAM Spreaders

May 2019

How accurate is the SAM spread pattern?

Very accurate. Representative machines have been regularly tested using...
Sharp design reinvented 1

Sharp design - reinvented

May 2019

You may have noticed new look SAM Spreaders delivered lately. They have the same easy...
Celebrating 50 years at the Fiedays 1

Celebrating 50 years at the Fieldays

June 2018

Local farm machinery manufacturers, Coombridge & Alexander have been showing their sought-after range of SAM...
New digs 1

New digs for SAM!

April 2018

Sam Machinery have expanded their spare parts and offices up the road to 256 Maeroa,...
Stainless side feeds a breeze 1

Stainless side-feeds a breeze to maintain

April 2018

Known for being very easy to run and maintain, the stainless side feed conveyors are...
New kids on the block 1

New kids on the block

March 2018

Toby Stone is the latest addition to the Management team at SAM Machinery. He was...
Have your say 1

Have your say on SAM’s next donation

January 2018

Know of a great charity that could use $1000? Waikato agricultural machinery manufacturers, Coombridge &...
Continues to make its mark 1

SAM continues to make its mark

January 2018

We all know the brand because of its colour scheme. You know the green and...
SAMs the man 1

SAM's the man

December 2017

Jaiden Drought checks out a machine that can handle one of the most corrosive work...
Steel decks 1

Steel decks on every SAM Trailer

August 2017

You have spoken and we have listened. Due to positive farmer feedback on larger model...

Corrosion resistant paintwork

May 2019

All chassis on SAM Spreaders have seen a new evolution of painting procedure. This is...

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