Have your say on SAM’s next donation

22 Jan 2018
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Know of a great charity that could use $1000? Waikato agricultural machinery manufacturers, Coombridge & Alexander has made a commitment to give a chunk of its profits to charity. They are asking the farming and wider communities to help it select which groups receive the money.

Last year Coombridge & Alexander, who manufacture SAM Machinery, set out to donate $1000 to 12 different charities or causes over 12 months. It still has a few more to go this year, and intends to keep the programme going when the year is up.

Mar/Comms Manager, Kate Coombridge says so far recipients have ranged from Hospice NZ and the Prostate Cancer Foundation, to volunteer groups like Volunteer Firefighters, well known charities like Starship and The Rural Support Trust and even lesser known animal charities.

Wheelchair Rugby will also receive a donation. David Klinkhamer from Wheelchair Rugby Waikato says their group is grateful for the support.

“Thanks to the SAM team. Receiving this extra funding means we can take more of our development players to tournaments around the country. It will be a big help” David says.

Kate says so far SAM Machinery has donated money to causes that are close to the hearts of its 30 employees. It has also sought suggestions through the Sam Machinery Facebook page (@newsfromSAM).

“It is great to see what people put forward. Canvassing opinion from our team and social channels has meant we have been able to support good people who may have been overlooked in the past.

“We still have a few spots that have not been allocated, so jump online and comment on the latest post with your suggestions. Tell us why you think that group could do with a bit of support,” Kate says. “Or email your thoughts to Your beer fund is not what we are looking for!”

Coombridge & Alexander have produced SAM Machinery for Kiwi farmers for more than 70 years from the heart of the Waikato. Their iconic green and yellow range includes; feed wagons, fertiliser spreaders, hydraulic trailers and quick hitches.

The company sells its machines throughout New Zealand and exports overseas.