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Topcon control (ISOBUS)

Topcon control (ISOBUS)


Smart. Accurate. Control.


This SAM is based on industry proven technology and decades of international experience. 

The Topcon offers fast, accurate response in a user-friendly system. It gives precision for spreading all types of fertiliser, manure and animal waste. This technology means the correct application rate is applied, regardless of changes in forward speed or changes in your product density. You simply key in a couple of inputs and you are away!

This technology is simple, intuitive and very very smart. The system is ISOBUS so it can function with any compliant tractor console. Using your tractors existing screen and smarts.

Or go for a separate, generous, 8 1/2" colour touch screen display.

Integrated load cells use the weight of product to constantly check your spread rate accuracy.

Your options for set-up:

A) Topcon control - for ISOBUS tractor (including load cells and electric back door)

This measures the weight of product in the spreader, the floor speed is then automatically adjusted to achieve correct application rates. This advanced control means extra precision. You are getting automatic rate calibration. Advanced mapping proof of placement is dependant on the brand of display in your tractor. This set-up operates with both dynamic and static rate control. Spreader functions like spinner speed and border control are all monitored and operated through the touch screen.

B) Topcon control - for non-ISOBUS tractor (with load cells, display, aerial and electric back door)

We include a separate generous, 8.5” colour touch screen display and a GPS aerial for proof of placement, light bar and field mapping of your jobs. Record all details for improved traceability and record keeping. This set-up operates with both dynamic and static rate control. This is ISOBUS ready.

90 l/min of oil flow from your tractor is preferred. 

This brochure has a simple tick chart explaining what is included with each set-up.

Smart Features

  • Watch the SAM Topcon in action

  • ISOBUS interface
    ISOBUS interface

    The clear and user-friendly ISOBUS interface has simple and intuitive operation. It is an ISOBUS ICU which means it can connect to most modern tractors.

  • Integrated load cells
    Integrated load cells

    Integrated load cells continuously measure the weight of product in the spreader. The floor speed is then automatically adjusted on-the-go, to achieve the correct application rates.

  • Large 8 1/2" screen
    Large 8 1/2" screen

    A generous 8 1/2” colour touch screen display, with anti-glare, can be provided for the cab of your tractor.

  • Spinner speed monitoring
    Spinner speed monitoring

    Gives you great visibility over what is happening with your spinners. Your screen shows whether spinners are stationary or operating, and at what speeds.

  • Mapping

    The mapping clearly shows where you have been in the field. Light bar guidance keeps you on track using AB lines. These allow you to optimise your coverage.

  • Electric back door
    Electric back door

    An electric back door replaces the manual winding of the back door jack. The height is simple controlled from your screen. Also handy for closing your back door when you are driving down the race so you are not losing any product out the back.

  • Border control

    Reduces spinner speed on the left hand disk which decreases spread width. This is helpful for spreading beside borders and waterways.

  • Proof of placement

    For better reporting and compliance, your proof of placement data is available to download. This gives accurate coverage and peace of mind.

Optional extras

  • GPS aerial for proof of placement
  • X25 Touch screen
Athene set up 1
GPS aerial for proof of placement

Adding a GPS aerial ensures you have proof of placement. It also provides light bar and field mapping of your jobs. This means you can record all relevant details for improved traceability and your record keeping.

You may be able to use your existing GPS aerial if you have one.

Athene set up 1
X25 Touch screen

If your tractor is ISOBUS you may choose to run the computer control system through your existing cab screen.

Alternatively you can purchase the 8 1/2" anti-glare colour touch screen. This generous size makes controls easy to see and operate on-the-go.

Athene set up 1
Athene set up 1

Smart Choices.

Find out which finer details are right for you.

  • Standard ground drive SAM Spreaders

    Should I go for a Standard Spreader (400mm wide floor mat) or a Combo Spreader (800mm wide floor mat)?

    SAM Fertiliser Spreaders (400mm wide mat) are capable of spreading all chemical fertiliser including superphosphate, urea and lime.

    SAM Combo Spreaders (800mm wide mat) are capable of spreading chemical fertiliser including; superphosphate, urea and lime, but will also spread most organic products like chicken and pig manure, screw-pressed effluent and sand.

    Is there anything the Combo Spreaders won’t spread well?

    In general your product needs to be fairly free-flowing to spread properly. A good test is to dig a spade into your product from the side, if it falls in on itself then it should flow through the machine nicely.

    At the other end of the scale, anything too wet e.g. effluent, may leak out the sides of the bin.

  • Standard ground drive SAM Spreaders + load cells

    Why would I want to add load cells to my standard Spreader?

    Load cells are an optional extra. They give an accurate measure of the weight of fertiliser in the bin and can be zeroed at any time. As standard, an Iconix FX15 display unit is supplied with machines fitted with load cells. This is fixed to the front of your Spreader.

    Load cells need be added to your machine at the time of build. They cannot be retrofitted to Spreaders.

    Can I view the weight of fertiliser in the bin on my phone?

    To support load cell weighing, we have created a simple mobile phone App. 

    This App means you can view the accurate weight of product in your machine on your phone. 

    The App will also allow you to to check your rate per Hectare with an easy and quick calibration process. The App works off Bluetooth, is simple to use and free to download. It is currently for Android only. 

    Instructions for how to download and use the App

  • Standard ground drive SAM Spreaders + proof of placement

    What is proof of placement and how do I get that?

    Proof of placement means you are able to record and retain proof of what you have been spreading, where you spread it and when. Different councils may have slightly different regulations for how to comply.

    Proof of placement can be achieved in a number of ways. Go for a computer driven Spreader such as the e-Spreader or the Topcon Spreader. Or s standard ground driven SAM Spreader can achieve proof of placement too with any third party GPS mapping systems e.g. Topcon, TracMap, Trimble or similar. 

    If going the manual route, you manually key into your screen what you are spreading and the rate. The details will automatically be recorded in your mapping program. While you are spreading the mapping program will record the track of the spreader in the paddock, to be uploaded to a cloud based server or local computer for later reference. Both Topcon, TracMap and Trimble offer a hosting service to store your maps.

  • Computer controlled drive SAM Spreaders

    I’m thinking about buying a fully computer controlled SAM Spreader - what is this?

    Any of our Spreader models can be manufactured with a computer control system installed to replace the standard ground drive. This computer operates a hydraulically driven floor-belt. Application rates are adjusted easily from the screen inside your cab. 

    The screen requires a few quick inputs from you;  fertiliser density, spread width and spread rate. Then you are away.

    Computer drive needs be added to your machine at the time of build. They cannot be retrofitted to Spreaders.

    What are the advantages of having a computer drive?

    • Application rates can be set from the touchscreen inside the cab
    • Spreaders can travel very slowly while spreading at a very high rate (spreading shavings into sheds etc.)
    • The integration of load cells gives pinpoint precision on the weight of fertiliser in your bin at any time.
    • Border control gives protection for your headlands
    • Spreaders can be unloaded without moving forward
    • It is easy to extract information for proof of placement record keeping
    • Proof of placement mapping is included with the Topcon computer control system

    What are the disadvantages of computer drives?

    • Higher purchase cost
    • Tractor must have higher oil flows (approximately 90 litres per minute)
    • Most suited to operation behind one tractor as the power supply is hard-wired
    • Operators require more training
    • Electronics fitted on computer controlled Spreaders require more care

    Why would I go for the Topcon computer control with integrated load cells (using my tractors own ISOBUS screen)?

    This is Dynamic / Static rate control. It includes integrated load cells and can be managed from the tractors own ISOBUS screen.

    This set-up includes fully hydraulic floor speed and rate control. It measures the weight of product in the Spreader on the go. The floor speed is automatically adjusted to achieve the correct application rates dynamically (on the move).

    This advanced control means extra precision. The accuracy of rate is as high as 99% of the target rate. You are getting automatic rate calibration and gaining maximum value from what you are spreading out. 

    Most new tractors are ISOBUS compatible, meaning the system can plug straight into your tractor and can be controlled from your existing console. This can save the cost of a second display.

    Border control functionality is included. Border control when switched on reduces spinner speed on the right-hand disk which decreases your spread width on that side.  This is helpful for spreading beside boundaries and waterways.

    An auto shut-off function is also available at headlands or cross over areas, meaning no areas will receive a double application.

    Why would I go for full Topcon computer control with integrated load cells, with X25 screen and GPS aerial?

    This is Dynamic / static rate control. It includes load cells and a GPS aerial and our Topcon X25 screen for inside the cab of your tractor. 

    This set-up also gives you the above functionality (computer controlled rate application, border control, auto-shut off) as well as a GPS aerial for proof of placement, light bar and field mapping of your jobs. 

    Record all your spreading details for improved traceability and record keeping.

    This set-up means you can swap tractors easily by simply swapping the screen across.

    Can I use my own GPS aerial?

    Just call us up and let us know what kind of aerial you are using and we will let you know if it is compatible. 

    What is TAP?

    TAP stands for Topcon Agricultural Platform. It stores your inputs for mapping and proof of placement reporting. It is all about easy access to your data. This functionality will be available soon in NZ. Call us and we can talk you through it.

    What is variable rate spreading?

    This means changing spread rates automatically on the move from preplanned fertiliser mapping uploaded to the computer. Call us anytime if you want to chat further about this add-on.

    Who are Topcon and why are they so good?

    Topcon are an international tech company who bought RDS out in 2012. Their technology has been proven in international markets for decades. 

    They have engineering, manufacturing and development facilities in Europe, The United Kingdom and Australia. There are 2000 Topcon employees worldwide, including a large research and development team, so their products are always innovating. The computer control system has been well tested in the field and has been popular on farms for years.

    Elements are customisable to suit your individual needs. The set-up integrates well with our Spreaders by being ISOBUS compatible, intuitive to use and fully integrated with load cells.


  • Interface ISOBUS
  • Brand Topcon
  • ICU Athene
  • Screen size 8 1/2"

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Clear, smart and accurate
Excellent for getting the most out of my inputs and helping me nail my record keeping

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