How to use the SAM Feed Wagon App


1) Install the App

Follow the email link and install from the google play store.

2) Turn device Bluetooth on

On your device, go to settings and turn on Bluetooth, or swipe down from the top for quick access.

3) Turn FX15 Bluetooth on

On the standard FX15: hold down the 'STATS' button and push 'ON' button once. Continue to hold the 'STATS' button until you see either 'BLU.0' (Bluetooth off) OR 'BLU.1' (Bluetooth on), toggle between them with the 'ZERO' button and 'WEIGH MODE' button, when 'BLU.1' is showing press the yellow 'Weigh' button to save.

On the FX15+: hold 'DRAFT' button until you see either 'BLU.0' OR 'BLU.1', toggle between them with the 'ZERO' button and 'WEIGH MODE' button. When BLU.1' is showing press 'Weigh' to save.

If never using the App, Bluetooth should be off to preserve battery power.

NB: Steps 1 to 3 were for set up only. Steps 4 to 10 are for normal operation.

 4) Pair devices

Turn on the FX15 display first and then start the App by clicking on its icon.

5) Operating Mode

Select 'FX15' from the list that pops up the first time you use the App. The App will automatically connect after that and can be viewed in landscape or portrait mode. The App will display the reading on the FX15 and you can zero the scales from the cab before loading your Feed Wagon. 


Need more help? Call +64 7 847 8492.