How to set the correct oil flow from your tractor

Standard ground drive SAM Spreaders are often fitted with two OMP50cc hydraulic spinner motors running in series. They require an external oil flow of 50 litres per minute at 2000psi.

It takes approximately 1000psi just to turn the spinner unloaded (without any product).

Please note, if you are running a computer controlled Spreader (e.g. e-Spreader or Topcon), they require an external oil flow of 90 litres per minute at 2000psi.

How to adjust:

To adjust your oil flow to the correct volume, use the external remotes on the tractor (not the flow valve on the spreader).

With the tractor set at working revs (1700 revs approx) adjust the flow on the tractor remotes until your spinner speeds are 850 RPM.

If you have OMP32cc motors instead of OMP50cc then your spinner discs should still be turning at 850RPM (but at approximately 35 litres per minute).