How to replace vanes on spinner discs


1) Make sure you have two long vanes opposing each other and two short vanes opposing each other on each disc (The short vanes have a shorter angled edge at the end closest to the spinner tube).

2) From the back of the machine, the left hand disk spins anti-clockwise and the right hand disc spins clock-wise.

3) Please make sure the right hand side vanes are attached to the right-hand disc and the left-hand vanes to the left-hand disc. (You can tell vanes are left hand because the small tabs are pointing anti-clockwise and the product is being scooped anti-clockwise).

4) Bolt on and weld at the disc edge from underneath. Then you are good to go. 

5) Please note there is a new disc design on recent models that slots in place and doesn't need welding.


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