How to replace a floor mat and chain assembly


1) Fully loosen the two chain adjusters at the front of the machine.


2) Remove the two skirt assemblies.


3) Lay the mat out under the machine with the bars facing up. Please make sure the tread direction is as shown.




4) Feed the two chains around the two front sprockets and through the bin around the two back sprockets and back to the centre of the machine underneath.


5) Join the two ends of the snig chains with the new joiner links supplied.


6) Fit the joiner with the bolts offset away from the mat.


7) Slide the joining wire through the belt fastner and bend the ends with pliers to 45 degrees.


8) Re-tension the mat to allow a 40mm sag in the chain (below the bottom edge of the chassis when viewed from the side).


9) Place the last 8 rivets and washers into the holes predrilled and rivet to fix mat to the last bar either side of the joiner.


10) Re-install the skirt assemblies with no daylight visible between the skirt rubber and belt. These skirts will need adjusting down if any gaps appear due to standard wear.


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