How to prevent striping of fertiliser


1) Striping can sometimes happen but is easily fixed. This usually occurs when the skirt rubbers need adjusting. Fertiliser can leak out the sides or even the front of your bin causing an uneven spread (striping). These would give you a narrow green band.

The side-skirt rubbers (running the length of the machine, inside the plastic bin) will require fairly regular adjustment. Particularly when the machine is new.

The skirts and rubbers are bolted to the machine. These bolts can be simply loosened and the skirt or rubber moved so it is flush with the floor-belt. They should fit firmly and you should not be able to see any daylight between the rubber and the belt.

2) If you have a wider green band that is yellowing towards the outside, your spinner speeds may be too fast. This leads to the Spreader not throwing fertiliser properly disrupting your spread pattern. Your spinner discs should be turning at 850RPM (at approx 50 litres per minute). If you have OMP32cc motors instead of OMP50cc then your spinner discs should still be turning at 850RPM (but approx 35 litres per minute).