How to position a new rate chart sticker to your back door


If your back door rate chart needs replacing you will need to ensure it is positioned correctly so your spread rates are accurate.

Pick a door height e.g. 2 = 2cm. Then wind the back door jack until the bottom edge of your back door is 2cm above the flat of your floor mat. Please make sure you are measuring from the flat of the mat and not from the top of the raised tread if you have a patterned mat.

You can then mark where your sticker needs to be positioned by aligning the pointer to the door height '2'. On older machines the middle of the viewing window should align with the middle of the 'Door height 2' box.

Make sure the surface you are adhering to is clean. Then stick the chart in place.

This will mean the distance from the bottom of the door to the mat will always equal the 'Door height' value.



Sticker position