How to maintain your SAM Feed Wagon


To keep your SAM Feed wagon in excellent working condition, please follow these basic maintenance procedures as you go.


Please oil or grease the following parts every day during operation:


  • Sprockets running the floor and elevator chains
  • Front and rear floor shaft bearings
  • Bottom elevator shaft bearings (x2)
  • All chains under covers


Please grease the following parts every week during operation:


  • Grease nipples on tandem-axle tube (x4)
  • Top elevator shaft bearings (x2)
  • Grease nipple under lower side guard (x1)
  • Screw Jack (x1).


Check the following each week:


  • All nuts and bolts are tightened
  • Floor and elevator chain adjusted
    • To tighten the elevator bars, tighten up the bottom nut of the adjuster thread and lock with the top nut. There should be a 20-30mm clearance between the elevator bars and the front angle guide - be careful not to over tension. 
  • The floor can be tensioned with the adjuster threads at the rear of the Feed Wagon. There should be a 40mm sag between the axle and back sprockets - be careful not to over tension.
  • Tyre pressure (35-45psi)
  • Hubs - grease and check for wear
  • Tractor hydraulic oil
  • Check for leaks in hydraulic hoses


Side-feed delivery:


  • Grease bearings in drive and tail-end rollers (x4)      
  • For chain side feeds oil once a month                                                                                                                                  
  • For belt side feeds if the side-feed belt is tracking to one side, tighten the adjuster on this side. This should make the belt track away from the side being tightened. The belt should run evenly in the centre of the drive and tail-end rollers.
  • Keep the rollers clear of any product/feed build-up. If you identify lumps of product/feed under the belt, remove the belt and clean the belt and rollers.
  • The side conveyor skirts should run firmly on the belt to prevent silage getting under the belt edge.


Please keep these checks up for the lifetime of your SAM.