How to attach a roll top cover


1. Place the cover in the centre of the back of the bin (make sure the cover overhangs evenly either side).

 2. Clamp in place to make next steps easier.

 3. Drill all of the existing holes in the flat of the cover bracket through the plastic top hat. The holes are 10mm. Bolt in place.
 4. For the 5 & 6 Tonne SAM Spreaders you will have extra brackets supplied. You will need to attach the bracket to the underside with the supplied fasteners (button head facing down).
 5. To add the stainless clip for the handle bungy to attach to, remove the nut here. And add the clip, then screw the nut back on.
 6. There are 7 plastic clips for the bungys to attach to. They need to be riveted onto your bin for the cover. (Locations will vary slightly depending upon the size of the machine). You want to place them at a height where the bungys will be pulled nice and tight.

7. There are two eye hooks to be fixed onto the side of the bin (on both sides). There are two laser cut holes above the ‘SAM decal’. These eye hooks will need to be attached with a spring and a nut underneath. Make sure the eye hooks are facing inwards to each other so that the bungy’s can’t come loose.

8. First use: Remove the plastic wrapping. Please note the white rope attached is for the user
to guide the cover to the front of the bin.