12 Cube

12 Cube
Reliability plus.

SAM Feed Wagons are built tough for lasting performance year on year. Complexity is engineered out to ensure they are very reliable, and easy for your team to use and maintain.

Each machine provides an even flow of feed with excellent throw. They handle a large range of feed types including; green feed, maize, PK and silage.

10, 12, 15 cube models are available. All sizes come with either a low maintenance stainless chain side-feed or a simple centre-feed delivery system. Adding smart load weigh scales can also provide simple, accurate electronic weighing of feed quantities if you need it.

Like all Sam gear these wagons are backed by fast spare-parts and servicing.

Smart features

  • Stainless sides
    Stainless sides

    Stainless sides cut out rusting.

  • Superior paint finish
    Superior paint finish

    Shot blasted, primed and two-pot paint finish coated chassis. Gives superb corrosion resistance for the long-term.

  • Strong chain
    Strong chain

    High-tensile calibrated chains (13mm) are used throughout for strength.

  • Trans-tex deck flooring
    Trans-tex deck flooring

    Standard on all SAM Feed Wagons, Trans-Tex 22mm is a high-strength ply timber. Recognised for its high bending stiffness and high-impact resistance in the trucking industry.

  • Bluetooth 1 FX15plus copy Load cells FW 1
    Load weigh scales

    The Iconix FX15 display and load-cell system provides simple, accurate electronic weighing of feed quantities. They can be fitted retrospectively. An App for Bluetooth viewing is also available. Contact us and we will send you the link.

  • Remote greasing
    Remote greasing

    Remote axle-greasing saves time and effort giving you access to all axle greasing points in an easy to reach location. An effective way to improve machine maintenance. Standard on 12-15 cube models.

  • Swivel coupling
    Swivel coupling

    Heavy duty swivel coupling is standard on 12 and 15 cubic metre models. Forgiving on varied terrain. You can choose a donut eye for coupling with a quick hitch or the insert option for tractor coupling.

  • Long-life teaser bars
    Long-life teaser bars

    Individually welded teeth are designed for optimal grab and lift. Great for grass silage. They are more labour intensive to build, but last better for you.

Optional extras

  • Load cells
  • LED Lights & hazard panels
  • Brakes
  • Skid
  • Tyre upgrade
Load cells

Load cells give an accurate measure of the weight of feed in the bin and can be zeroed at any time. A fixed Iconix FX15 display unit is supplied with all SAM machines fitted with weigh scales.

A simple calculation of the weight of feed spread, divided by the area covered, gives a very accurate spread rate (in kg/ha). An App for Bluetooth viewing is also available (currently Android only).

Lights FW2
LED Lights & hazard panels

If you are using your machine on the road you will need a set of lights and hazard panels. The panels are made from durable aluminium, hardy for knocks and general wear and tear. Weatherproof lights are LED and plug directly into your power source.

Brakes 1

Brakes are available for tandem axle machines. They are usually located on the front hubs only. The brake system chosen had been well-proven over the years and is very reliable.

Skid 1

If you are using your machine with a quick hitch you will want to include a skid on the drawbar. 

Tyres 2
Tyre upgrade

We have tough high performing tyres to suit any application. They are chosen for their quality and durability. 

We can change tyre sizes to suit your specific needs. The 6, 9 and 10 cubic metre wagons use 11.5 x 15.3 tyres but these can be upgraded to larger 400 x 15.5 tyres. The 400 x 15.5 tyres are standard on the 12 cubic metre wagons.

500 x 17 tyres are standard on all 15 cubic metre models. Larger tyres can be excellent if you have softer, wetter conditions. 

Custom options are also available POA.

Lights FW2
Brakes 1
Skid 1
Tyres 2


  • Axle type Tandem-axle 70mm
  • Axle capacity 12,000kg
  • Wheel type 400/60 x 15.5 14-ply
  • Overall length 7.3m
  • Overall width 2.66m
  • Internal bin width 2.0m
  • Internal bin height 1.24m
  • Capacity 12m3
  • Load weight (grass silage) 8T
  • Load height 2.02m

Fast central support service

Our SAM range is backed by a quick and efficient support service from central Hamilton. The team are also available for technical help should you need it.

Our guarantee

We deliver quality products and stand by them. All Feed Wagons go through rigorous quality and accuracy testing. They also have a comprehensive warranty.

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I can give SAM gear to my workers without a worry, really easy to use and maintain
Buying a SAM is all about quality and good value
We appreciate the back up service - rare these days

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